Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Truth will prevail

Salam all,

First I have an announcement:

If you want to make a visit to my house, you are welcome. You can find me in there anytime. I am not going anywhere; I don't intend to go to anywhere. I am not going to lie and say that I don't like going out and making visits but you are a very dear guest. * If you lied once you can make another lie*.

I am spending my holiday in my house. Don't think it's a boring holiday. I am doing all the sort of things that you do.

I sometime go for a walk. Taking some steps from one room to another. From kitchen to guest room, from bedroom to bathroom, and some time I make progress and go to our backyard just for a walk in the garden. You know walking is a good sport.

There is something you don't know about me; it's how much I love music. I think I have a musician ears. I like music, je l'aime.

It seem like the pilots of the American airplanes heard about my interest in the sound of the warplane and military airplane ( not true) but they really seem like they have an order not to let anyone sleep. I am so sorry for disappointing them. I woke up one day and I found myself in love with the sound they make. It's not like other sounds; these sounds are special and they are a natural sound. They are like bed's song . They are not merely an annoying, ugly, awful, hideous sounds and impossible to hear. They help mothers to hush their babies. They help the community to discover the valuable of silence.

If speech was made from silver, then silent is made from gold.

I am not a bookish girl; I never will be. But the situation in Mosul gave me an unwanted present. It's a space time. Therefore I found myself ending reading one book and start to read another. I don't know why I didn't do that ages ago!! Reading is really amusing and a useful habit. I read a police story written by Agatha Kristy. And I read two books of Harry Potter's series and some other stories and useful books. Reading a book is much easier than writing a book, don't you think?

I am still holding tightly what hope I have remaining especially after I survived last night.

At about 1 A.M I went out of my room. I was half asleep and my eyes were nearly closed and there was creature with green evil eyes looking at me. It seemed like it had an invitation to enter my room. It was walking towards me and my room when my brain finally receives a call that this creature is a cat.

"CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!", I shouted loudly and pushed my way back into my room and closed the door behind me and I began to scream and yell for help. " There is a cat in the house!", I shouted and Najma (My sister who knows very well how much I hate cats and how much I am afraid from the sight of them) woke up my father and told him the story.

My father went upstairs where my room is and he saw the cat running from the warehouse's window. He told me that the cat left and that I am safe now, but I insisted that he walk downstairs with me hand-in-hand. My father was very furious and he said to me "You are lucky, the cat didn't eat you".

I don't expect him to be proud of my brave behavior because I was really shaking and full of fears. Anyway, I survived and the cat didn't eat me.

Najma as usual didn't stop giggling at me. Hmm, I miss the old times when I was the brave girl and she was the one who don't have the courage to enter the kitchen without the company of someone. I invented the story that there is a ghost named Shahrurah living in the kitchen and since then, she didn't enter the kitchen alone.

I don't know what the reason that makes the people here feel bored and wishing that they could leave Iraq. Najma, for example, is reading a book called Faster Than The Speed of Light and she is reading something about transport across time !! (I told you she is weird, But you didn't listen!) She wants to live the future without living the present!! *yuk*

Why did anybody want to live in the future since everything is going to worse? why does anybody want to live another second, another hour, and another day?

Who said she will find herself in the future anyway? Who said she will be alive? Who said there will be a life?

It's very difficult to understand the incentives and the reasons that make her think that there will be a better future.

Your friend from present,

H.N.K (The survivor)


Unknown said...

Not only a survivor but a wonderful writer.
I'd like to visit your house. Could I have dates, please?

I didn't know how much you loved music or how much you feared cats.

I had to smile knowing how you sisters tease each other.

I agree. Reading is a wonderful thing.

I think you have the talent to write a book.

bye for now,

A&Eiraqi said...

A very nice post and so true.
The CAT thing reminded me to my life back home, I lived such moment many times as one of the windows was always left opened!!

"I miss the old times when I was the brave girl and she was the one who don't have the courage to enter the kitchen without the company of someone."
Well; this reminds me of something embarrassing which I'm not going to tell you about.

Very nice words......GO ON

Anonymous said...

hnk survivor, Iraqi in Iraq.
Yeah! I love it. The present is more important than the future, but when the present is terrible, it is important to dream of the future. I am sad that you are a prisoner in your home. That is no life.

Thanks for your invite, but will I die between the bus stop and your home? Are there buses in Mosul? Do you go out to buy food?

Interesting new profile, hnk survivor, but a spelling mistake:
The example of Mulim women - Muslim.

I don't like cats, but I am not frightened of them! There are people frightened of spiders, snakes and ghosts in the toilet/kitchen, but cats? Life is hard when you can't survive a visit from a cat. I like my green eyes!

bye for now, hnk (I'm always wondering what that means....)

Anonymous said...

I really think that you have a talent for writing. I read books when I can't get out but not for the same reasons as you. I like cats but I know many people who don't. If it was a wild cat and not some persons pet it could be dangerous. Tell your sister to read the "Hitch hikers guide to the Universe." It will make you laugh. Take care and keep writing.I enjoy reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

HNK Survivor, I forgot! One invite deserves another, so when you travel through Maebashi (Japan) one day, drop by, say hi, and stay the night in the sound of silence. My daughter is the same age as you (18). Her name means Sound of Dawn. Just to be polite (I do not need a reply), here is my email address steenwallis@jcom.home.ne.jp

Anonymous said...

hello HNK

i am reading your blog for the first time and have to say that you are amazing. i am enjoying it!

"I am spending my holiday in my house."

i think It's better to stay at home . If i encouraged you to go out, i would be unwise.
but i am sure that you will get a lot of enjoyment from going to university this year.
i wish you all the best wishes.
The cats are beautiful and friendly, and should not be hated.

finally, كل عام وانت بخير

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...


Thank you for admiring me, I will always be near and ready to hear any admiration 

“Well; this reminds me of something embarrassing which I'm not going to tell you about.”
I am not going to steal Khalid’s favorite words and said “tell a secret” but :
Tell me that something? I can’ go on with out knowing your embarrassing thing!


“Thanks for your invite, but will I die between the bus stop and your home?”

I can’t guess, but if you won’t die you will be another survivor .
“ Are there buses in Mosul?”

There are, but I have never used them.
“ Do you go out to buy food?”
We eat, so we need to buy food usually dad do this job

My sister had already started reading this book. Good to know what is the think that make her laughing all the time.
Thank you for your invitation. If I have a chance to visit Japan, I will pass by.

وانت(ي) بخير ان شاء الله
I have a bad memories with cat  they are not friend as they look like. Not all that glitter is gold.

David said...

Well Hnk, I'm glad that you at least have some good books to read. :)

Why do you hate and fear cats so much? I am like Raghda, I love cats! :) Glad the cat didn't eat you. ;)

You know, I don't think that Najma is wierd. I have read a few books about traveling in time too. Its fun to imagine! :) I'm not sure that I want to live in the future though. The way we humans are abusing our planet, we may not have much of a future! I wish that I could see some times in the past though. I will tell you a funny thought that I once had. I imagined going to a store and buying a fancy set of drinking glasses for a really cheap price like $10. Now, if I could go back in time to say ancient Rome, I could sell my cheap glasses to a rich Roman for a sack full of gold! Well, it would probably cost me all the money in the world to build the time machine, so I guess my glass for gold transaction would be a loosing proposition. ;) Anyway, its fun to think that many objects that we take for granted today were considered treasures in the past. :)

Keep surviving my friend in the present.

Anonymous said...

It could be valuable for you to understand your fear of cats. Fears (phobias) that are not understood can creep up and catch you by surprise. I find the more I understand, the better. I suggest you read about cats, watch them from a distance, and try to imagine their life through their eyes. You might even try imagining or pretending you are a cat. Try prowling up to your sister and making the sound of a cat.

John said...

I wonder, maybe the cat was afraid of you too once you yelled? Or maybe not. Cats are strange.
Well, you are STILL a brave girl -- anybody would find that their nerves get tense sometime under the situation you are living in.

Anonymous said...

my advise to you that the best thing to over come your fears from cats is to tell a male relative to catch one for you then take the monster to the backyard and put some oil on it and burn it a live and then you will realize how weak they are

just kidding

Liz said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. You are an incredible writer, wow! You put most native English speakers to shame. Maybe you ought to write a book after all. Glad to hear your family was all ok.

John said...

Your new front page picture is really cool and humorous! I guess maybe the message is that everyone is an alien to everyone else until they are willing to communicate with each other?

Anonymous said...

Hello, You have a very intersting blog. I am a high school teach in Watsonville, California. I am having my students look at blogs from Iraq today and I found yours. Good Luck!!

Randolph Reynolds