Friday, July 04, 2008

نجحنا خلاص أرتحنا

hello people,
there are three good news:
1- I finished my exams, I am in the holiday now.
2- I took my marks today and I pass in all the subjects. I am now in the second stage in the college of pharmacy_ Mosul university
3- My dad had his surgery last Saturday. he is getting better day after day inshallah.

Three things I was so much worry about last few weeks are finally over.
Najma used to say " This too shall pass" And I used to write this words every times I feel tired and worry about the things that happened or about the things that will happened. Can't the man have peace of mind just for one day, whenever I finally get over from something I found something else to worry about, something else to weep on.
Anyway,Today I am holding on my shoulder not only a bag of worries but also a one of plans that I intend to do during my summer holiday. I really have to write a post about my plans maybe you can help!! don't you want to serve your friend (Hnk) .

now, I am really have headache so I have to end this and write another post soon.
Good bye


BOOKISH said...

Congratulation :)

Dr.blogger said...
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Dr.blogger said...

Hi Hnk ,,
when you finished your exams??
I finished my exams at 28 / June.
and my marks do not appear till now
by the way
your marks looks very good ..
I think you knew me ( see my first letters of my name)

see you..

Anonymous said...

Dear HNK
I am very proud of you.Mashallah your marks are very good as it is not easy to have Very Good in the first year.Thank Allah for your dad health getting better.
God bless you all .

Don Cox said...

I'm glad to hear that you got good marks. This is what your readers expected. _____ It is good news that your father's operation went well. Please give him my best wishes for a good recovery. ________ As for worries, my theory is that each person needs a certain number of worries, so when one lot of worries goes away, that person looks around for replacement worries. They are easy enough to find.

Dr.blogger said...

dear Hnk
just now I knew that your father had an operation..
nobody told me..
Inshaallah he will get better soon and get his health back..


jarvenpa said...

Congratulations on passing your exams so well, and may your dear father get better and better and your family be happy.
Your poem is very lovely, by the way.

John said...

Congratulations Hnk !!! I am not surprised, but I am happy for you.

Ali Yaseen said...

مبروك على النجاح ولو اني ما اعرف انت منو لكن اني افرح بكل انجاز يقوم به اي عراقي شريف واعتبر هذا الشيء من جهاد المحتل خصوصا الدراسة والنجاح في ظل هكذا ظروف وهي هذه صناعة الحياة الحقيقية وفيها مرضاة رب العالمين ان شاء الله مبروك والى الامام

David said...

Hi Hnk, I am glad to read your good news. Congratulations on your school achievements! :)

Please write a post about your plans. What can we do to help you? Should we suggest things for you to do, or do you just need our encouragement?

I hope you and your family will be able to take a vacation this summer. Maybe you can travel to a place with a cooler temperature. :)

I wish continued good luck to your father for his recovery.

Unknown said...

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