Saturday, July 12, 2008

Me and my holiday

As I have announced in my last speech, I am in the holiday now.

Not surprising that the acne that filled my face began to disappear and my messy room began to re-appear and my desire to watch the silly series that are displaying on TV are no more exist.

Hours of sleep are worth the hard study. Anyway, I don’t sleep that much but I was not sleeping enough in the last month that makes my eyes reddish and my sight weaker than it was already.

One thing this year I am more determined than ever, I want to use every minute, I want to start the college and I am more educated, more confidence :) and more clever, how I can get all of that ? I am still looking for the answer.

As I have mentioned in my last post, I have many plans to do: such


I love drawing, and I was good on doing that kind of art in my primary school. It was my favorite lesson. Before three years I was thinking of improving my drawing skill but my mother did not encourage her little girl who is ME. She said that I am not Good enough to take lessons on that.


Before a year and while I was going to decide which college I shall go to, my mother suggested to go to architectural engineering college * Surprise* . This was not surprising me as much as It was shocking me!!!

Was it the Unwilling to go to college of engineer which will make me in the position of comparison with Najma or it was the will to go to Pharmacy College make me chose pharmacy and pharmacy is what I got.

Architectural engineering college is neighbor with my college, it is more fashion, it looks amazing from out side* Well, I think it’s my college which looks like a jail and that architectural engineering is not that pretty* Anyway, I don’t feel guilty of going to pharmacy but I still think that architectural engineering college is wonderful.

And I am still having the will to improve my skill, but the problem is no more with my mother the problem is that it’s not easy to find a lesson teaching drawing , and if I find one, it’s will be really hard and not safe to reach the place.

Anyway, I draw a horse yesterday or it was suppose to be a horse but it’s looks more like a donkey.

is it look like a 9 years old girl's drawing, because I am a teen years old (nineteen years old in fact)

ps: don't be like my sister and ask" WHO IS THAT MAN THAT YOU ARE DRAWING !!!", it's not a man I know, nor a man I see, and not even a man I imagine.


Don Cox said...

The most useful books for learning to draw are the ones by Andrew Loomis, published in the 1940s. You can find PDFs of them here. _____ The big problems in drawing are perspective, the human figure, and animals. Loomis will help you with the first two. ______ Otherwise, the way to improve your drawing is to keep on drawing real things.

Don Cox said...

Another suggestion I would make is to try to get hold of a plastic skeleton to draw and study. This is a big help for understanding the human figure. As for muscles, your father may have some anatomy books - but drawing a 3D skeleton is much better than trying to work from flat pictures.

John said...

Dear HNK,

I like your drawings very much. They are better than I think I could do, and I had the benefit of taking an evening class in drawing during my first year here at Penn State. I think that you have a lot of talent both for poetry and art, and that doesn't take away from also being able to do well in science. It is a sign of an intelligent person to have many interests -- so long as there aren't so many that there isn't enough time to devote to any of them.

Don't worry about whether people think you draw like a child. Actually, I read that children get better and better at drawing until maybe age 10, but then they stop improving, because they try to draw things as an adult would -- drawing them as they are "supposed" to look like instead of how they really look, that is, as symbols rather than like the reality. So drawing like a child is sort of a good thing. I also heard that one should never ask a very young child, "What is it that you are drawing?" -- not only because it means that you don't recognize it, but also because it wrongly implies that a picture always has to be of a person or thing, when in fact, it could be showing an event or even a feeling.

Also, if you look at the work of famous cartoonists, like Jim Davis who does "Garfield" or Charles Schulz who drew Charlie Brown and Snoopy, the way they drew their characters changed a great deal from the beginning of their careers to the later parts. And in terms of famous classical artists, throughout history basically the same ideas have been painted over and over again in very different ways by different people.
This goes to show how much flexibility there is in drawing the same thing.

John said...

P.S. Your horse has beautiful gentle eyes. The man looks angry but maybe that's just my impression.

Anonymous said...

Dear HNK,

I am one of your blog readers, and actually i have liked your drawing. I think you have a great imagination especially when you said that the man you do not Know, but you have to improve it.

Your friend

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your drawing, I think you'll just get better and better.

David said...

Hi Hnk, I think that you can draw better than me! :) I like your horse, she is cute. The face you drew looks like a female cartoon character named Peggy Hill on a cartoon called King of the Hill. That show is really funny!

I think that your mother just wants you to make the best out of your abilities. I hope that you will someday enjoy a career based on your pharmacy degree. However, never give up your art. Keep practicing and you will get better. Maybe someday you can have an exhibition of your work and people will say. "Wow, she is a really good artist!" :)

Take care.

Anonymous said...
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هنــــــــد جمال Hind Jamal said...
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Hanna said...

I think you draw really good. :) And well, you know, it's all about practising a lot. You'll get there you want, if you are motivated and try your best. :) Another thing I just need to say is that you write amazingly good too, and I like your blog a lot, cause it's interesting, not only cause you live in Iraq (which I must say makes me more interested in reading further). Anyways, the conlusion of this all rambling I have done is; keep up your blog, cause it's just great! =D

Anonymous said...
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John said...

Thinking of you, HNK -- I hope you're doing OK.
Best wishes & a prayer
-- John

Anonymous said...
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