Thursday, September 10, 2009


Al Salam_alykum,

I have no destination in this post but my inner mind order me to write a new post and I am following whatever he said since I am not putting myself in bad shoes.

Before a couple of days, my mother took me to a little shop near her college in order to buy me clothes for Eid. Well I was walking so confidently in that serpentine street, taking two steps after another, and following my mom who was walking fast as always.

In the middle of this race, I felt the gross surface of the street leaving light touch in my face. The inner mind commented that we fell on the ground, and we (me and the inner mind) have to stand-up as fast as we can without making a joke of ourselves!!

Well, It’s his choice and I am not going to follow this (creepy thinking) so I left him with his orders alone and shouted to my mom who was away from me, she was going to enter the shop when I stopped her “ mom I fell, please wait me” I didn’t stand on my feet till she came and helped me. I felt pain in my right leg but never mind, let’s go shopping

Well, I got a new Jacket if that interest you !! but it was a really bad day. Ofcourse the pain left its effect on this weak body who didn't stop said "Awch" everey few hours. well, It was really geat falling; It left a blue sign in my knee.

In this lucky day, I went to the dentist and he asked me to wear the braces over again.

OH, can’t these teeth live in peace!! should they share me that too !! I wore the braces three years and I never get my teeth straight.

The problem is when I took a picture, I got a three dimensional one!

my face seems to be oriented in a different side from my teeth. And this Brace is so cool in torturing human being by putting our teeth restricted in its own home (mouth!!)

It’s hurting me so much!! I can’t eat many kinds of food. I hardly gained 4 pounds last two month and I don’t want to lose it… I want to make this triangular face more rounded. And I am not yet an artist !!

Stay safe, and eat well


Violet said...

"let's go shopping !"

فعلا اهم شي الشوبينغ
Salamat H.N.K ,Try to eat ,girl !
Take off the braces when you eat , aren't they removable kind?

wa BTW mabraook el jaket ;)

Wishing that you are going to dreaw soon , I'll wait that :D

Stay safe dear

LOts of love :)

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

Yes violet, It's removable braces.
Do you want me to draw a circle for you ??
I can do that in a minute :) you don't have to wait :D

Roy said...

You are a very good writer. I like the way you tell a story. If you can make me laugh about your fall. I go to a writers meeting every week and I think if you was there you would be the star.

John said...

I agree with Roy -- you have a great sense of humor and a great way of expressing yourself memorably. I am afraid that maybe you fell down because you were too hungry! Please do take care of yourself and try to eat as well as possible under the circumstances. My little brother had braces when we were kids and I hated seeing how they hurt him. I used to get really angry at the dentist!
Say hello to your inner mind for me!

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

Thank you :D
write meeting seems interesting !! Are you a writer??

Thank you, I am trying my best to make me a good blogger :)

Don't worry I am eating so much, When I can eat (you know, we are inRamadan ).

Unknown said...



Sandybelle said...

Hadia, its a very nice post and i really liked it so much.
congrats for al-jacket, and i am waiting to know more about Eid's clothes. :) maybe you'd like to give an advice!! lol

So sorry for the blue spot on your knee, ok, it will go by time, but the most important thing is that you eat well.
stay safe and keeeeeeeeeeeep going!

Anonymous said...

Dear HNK,
I found your blog by accident while i was reading in the blog of sunshine "days of my life"...
What attracted me is you are a student in the college of pharmacy, university of Mosul "i think you are now in the 3rd grade, true?"
Frankly I too in the college of pharmacy but am MU3EED "معيد" and not a student, but now am studying master at the college of medicine, department of pharmacology...
You can’t imagine how am feeling happy to know person like you in my college...
I read many posts in your blog and i see you are really amazing girl...
I am a blogger too but you can say am "little blogger" only no more...
I started blogging month ago after sunshine convinced me to do that...
My blogger website is:
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Hope we keep in touch and know each more in the future...
My regards...

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

hello girl!! nice to hear that you liked it...
I was in your blog yesterday, but it was really crowded ^__^

I am happy to hear that there is another pharmacist blogger ...

Yes, I am in the Third grade now.
Good luck with your studying. And be gentle with your students ^__^

Unknown said...

An alternate title for this post could be:

Bruises and Braces

With all thoses aches and pains dear, you still wrote an amusing and touching post.

Take care of yourself.
love, Libby

ps. Enjoy wearing your new jacket. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear HNK,
Well am still little blogger, and i posted few posts till only now..
I wish to post more but i have alot of works through out the day, in my master study and in many other things..
Hope you visit my blog and see it..
If you are in the third grade now then am sure i taught you last year with others doctors in practical hematology..
I taught students for only 1 year because i went to the college of medicine to study master there, and in that yearof teaching; i taught only practical subjects and i was so gentle with students.. hehehehe..
Hope we keep in touch..
My regards..

Roy said...

No I'm not a professional writer but sometimes I do write something interesting. I think you are a writer.

prog said...

good to be here

موقع نادى الزمالك تيم said...

you realy good man