Friday, September 18, 2009

Just talking...

Just Talking.....

Yesterday, my sister came from Baghdad to spend Eid al Futor in Mosul . Of course she came with her nice kids:

Aya, is like a princess who shows polite and ladies behaviors most of the time. she consider me as her best aunt *I guess* but that's not mean she loves me as a person and accept my thought!!

I can’t be 100% myself when I am with her, she always talks like someone older than her age, mocks my words and thoughts, pretending that she is not caring of my opinions and I am only that insect that is good in nothing but telling stories !!!!

I still remember that day when I gave her my bear and told her that she is his mother today, and he will sleep with her in the bed and she must feed him well and take good care of him. She gazed me and said with contempt “It’s a toy, he is not human”!!

In some cases when she shows respect and not makes me feel humiliated and not says anything, her eyes WILL instead...

She refused to eat date when I asked her because she knows its taste!! I know the taste of absolutely everything but I am still eating!!

Anyway, she is different from that kid (Ayman) with his cartoony personality, soft voice, and broken words!! And different from the little Anas with his shy and curious looks…

I spend hour’s yesterday watching extremely silly cartoon, with ugly girl called (Rayhana). You really missed it; I can’t be fair in the valuation of this shows.

Aya did her best in explaining this shows, she told me “Rayhana is a mother but she don’t have children *sound interesting!!!!!!, but it doesnt make any sense* ^_^

She continued: “And, Jojo is her husband”

*Thanks God she didn’t said: "but they are not married!! ^__^*.

It was really rich hours that made me more confidence in who I am in compare with Aya.

Today, it’s really busy day with all house works; preparing our house for the big attack that will took place in the first day of Eid, since all of my uncles and their sons and their grandchildren are going to spend the day in our lovely house.

Anyway, Eid mean that Ramadan will be over.Ramadan month really goes fast!! I was thinking of writing a post about my day in Ramadan… butI was ummm... BUSY!!


Violet said...

May Allah Save those sweet childs :)
I adore kids at this age :D

Please kiss them for me :)

Happy eid dear

Unknown said...

Both Aya and Anas (really cute picture) have gown so much.
Remember what Aya was like as a little girl? Well, it soulds like she's canged in some ways but not in other ways? :)

Eid again and you'll be making all my favorites.............yummy

Happy Eid to you and all your family.

your friend,

Sandybelle said...

Happy eid!!!
عيد سعييييييييييييييد

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

تصل ان شاء الله :D
And, Happy Eid to you too ^__^

My friend, libby:
Thanks for your wishes and comment.
Yes, we will cook yummy things. I will share them with you (BY PHOTO)

Happy Eid to you too.

John said...

Dear Aunt Hadia,
I'm very glad you got to visit with your beautiful niece and nephews! Don't worry too much about Aya not believing in your teddy bear. She is probably at an age when she is part baby and part adult and trying to figure out who she is. If she sometimes "corrects" you it might be that she likes and trusts you enough to be impolite to you. Do you know what I mean? If she didn't like you, maybe she would just be quiet and accept everything you say. A friend of mine has a young son whom I like to talk with sometimes. He often corrects me for things -- such as not being able to jump a somersault as he can. (I tried but almost broke every bone in my body.) But that just means that he is able to be honest with me about what he thinks and feels. And sometimes children say such unusual things which make us think! I read a book where a scholar of logic and mathematics was explaining how a little girl told him how to draw a square. "You take a circle, and cut off the corners!" It's completely wrong, and yet it's right too!
Speaking of thoughts and feelings, I got a note today from Schlow Memorial Library, our local town library. They just received a particular book I had recommended to them, by a young author you know well!

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

Is there a chance that the first letter in this author's Name is (H) ^__^
Good news John... Thanks

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