Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Electricity dependent studying...

Well, that’s the way it is.No electricity mean no fine studying, no fine studying = no high marks, and no high marks = good bye my future.

Isn’t it bad to find your life controlled by electricity!!

I really feel guilty if I will not study when the electricity turn on after along day of studying, ended with studying at the light of chargable beam!! How could I leave this opportunity when I have a big chance of studying in normal light!!

That’s torture me, because It turned on when I was managing to go to bed, and I stand up not knowing what to do!! Probably such a chance ended with turning the light and go to bed!! Maybe my dream that night will be clearer than ever and shiny like it was never be!!

It’s not restricted by studying alone; it’s controlled our abnormal life.

when we are planning to go outside door and it turn on, mom often change her mind and decided not to go, she would probably prefer to do house works that need electricity!! She sometimes called the work’s place and takes the day off!!

So, they are: Times and energy who are my big enemies during my examinations.

I found my self in compete with one; against one of them. Which is something driving me crazy. Go to bed at 11 PM, and adjusted many alarms to wake me up, 30 minute between each, leaving the light on so when I awake, I can see if the electricity was on; so I’ll prepare myself for another hard studying, and if it was not, I’ll go to my warm bed AGAIN!!

It’s really pathetic. Having electricity will solve many of Iraqi’s problems!! And we really have many.

P.s: Eid mubarak to all muslims all around the world and to all iraqi, a special wishes for better future and better tomorrow.


John said...

Dear Hadia,

(Too late) Eid Mubarak!

I found out again how ignorant I am, because I didn't know that there were two different holidays called "Eid" for short, the one at the end of Ramadan and the one remembering Abraham. I thought Eid was over for this year. If I had realized it was a holiday I would have greeted you for Eid, not for American Thanksgiving -- although I guess they have at least something in common. I am glad to learn even though it makes me feel stupid.

I am sorry that you are having such problems with electricity shortages and blackouts. I hope it will be fixed soon so that you will be able to do your schoolwork more easily and so that people will not be left cold. You're right, it is pathetic to be so dependent on the light switch. But it is also inspirational that you work so hard with whatever you have available. I think you will be very successful -- in fact, you already are, with your book, your blog, and your excellent work in school.

Emma said...

Hi, I read you live in Mosul. Can I ask you something? Do you know whether there is some kind of amusement park in the Al Rachidiya quarter in Mosul (with a swimming pool and restaurants etc.)?
I'm looking for information about Mosul for my work.
Thanks in advance!

free-pedia.com said...
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Borsa said...
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Anonymous said...

wonderful,,, I admire your style in writing ,,,,you have a magical style!!!!

Roy said...

I know how angry I get when the power goes out. I can't imagine have to live and study under those conditions. You have been living like this for a long time but you have been very successful in your school and book. Most people could not do that. Be very proud with yourself.

John said...

Please be safe!
I was very sorry when I heard about the terrible bombing recently.
Be strong!

Borsa said...

جزاك الله كل الخير يا غالي علي المدونه الرائعه

مشاهدة مباراة الهلال والإتحاد

anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm a 17-yr-old girl in Chicago.I just read your book and it's awesome!!! It's interesting how someone for whom English is not her first language can craft such pretty passages. We need more perspectives from young people and not just politicians! Keep on writing; I'll be reading.

Jessica said...

Selam Hadia, I am Irish living in Turkey and I am reading your book, my step father has relatives living in Iraq and my husband is arabic. :) I would really love to chat with you...
my e-mail address is miss_jes@hotmail.co.uk

سنة جديدة سعيدة

Love Jessica xx

Jan said...

Hi Hnk, or should I say Hadia, please to meet you Hadia,
It's good that you write down your thoughts in this way under the circumstances Mosul and it's inhabitants are tortured.
It's good to read your thoughts. Last night I was thinking why doesn't you and your family fly. It's much to dangerous. Bagdad is even saver.
I know that it doesn't solve anything but I only thought of your sake when I heard that Mosul is the unsaviest Ieaqi city in 2009. I hope the best for you Hadia and keep up studying.
Take care

John said...

Happy 2010, Hadia!
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Happy wishes in 2010,Hadia.
I am a twelve year old in Port Townsend. I am reading your book and I really like it. How is everything doing in Mosul?
Best Wishes.

small town girl said...

I am reading your book and I think it is really good and also very sad. I really like your blog and will keep reading it. It's great how you can write down your thoughts and share them with everyone. Keep writing!
Take Care
hope the electricity comes back on.

Borsa said...

الف شكر علي هذه المدونه الراااااااااااائعه

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Anonymous said...

Dear Haidya:
I just finished your book and I wanted to comment to tell you how remarkable I belive that you are. Your confidence is amazing, and your bravery stunning. I am a 13 year old girl from the United States and I do hope that this war can end. Peace will be best for everyone, and fighting with guns and tanks will not solve anything, just cause more damage, and more hurt. I will pray everyday for peace.

Unknown said...

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