Thursday, November 25, 2004

No comment any more :)

I was talking with my friend by E-mail and I decided that there is no comment any more in my blog.
today like every day in Iraq" No electricity ,No fun, , and No peace" there are just" explosion, destruction and more of accident killing".
believe me I don't go out of home for along a long time, that's Ok there is a good news" maybe I can go to school next week" .Any way now and after 34 hours without electricity I feel cold, the winter came suddenly. I thing that our school will look like this in Saturday.
the best thing in this life that your family is always being with you and support you in your life, when I came back from school, I be tired and when I meet my family my feeling being better and my face change from a sad face to a happy face. I don't know why I write about family but I thing that because yesterday I was so sad and I don't know how my uncle know about that, then he talk to me like a brother not like uncle " I don't know how a brothers talk to their sisters because I don't have brother, are your brother talk to you like your sister do, I hope there is a deferent

good bye now and see you later