Monday, November 15, 2004

Talking about me...

Some one ask me to put pictures of mosul, I want to tell him that I love to do this but how can I take a picture without go out of my home.
there are many comments and letters I receive it say that I am not Iraqi and another one say that I don't deserve the freedom that the American take it to

the Iraqi people and my view of the war is rung, and I should change it.I tell you what, no body in this word can know what I feeling.
I respect your view of the American soldiers because that is not you who is:
every day the sound of bullets prevent him to sleep.that is not you who is every day the sound of bombs wake him up.that is not you who heard the sound of rocket fall on and he don't know if it will fall to his house or his aunt's house or his grandfather's house.that is not you who saw tank and many American soldiers in front of his house, and that is not you who is the American soldiers prevent you to get out from his house, and if he did simply they kill him.that is not you who heard the sound of bullets and looked from the window and saw that the American move in and there is a car which door opened and there is a blood in ground of the street and you want to get out from your house to help her driver coz you know that he is wounded and need your help. I tell you what, I don't like my life too.
and at least I am a human too, and I have feeling, and I love to be a free person.
that let me remember this poem which said:
am I free and unrestrained or do I walked in chains
do I led myself in this life, or am I being led
am I the one who is walking on the road, or this is the road that is moving?
or we both standing, but it is the time that is running?
I wish I know,but
I don't know

Do you love your baby?
هل تحب طفلك ؟

ونحن أيضا
we also
Do u protect him?
هل تستطيع أن تحميه؟

we cant
نحن لا نستطيع
Do you like their smile??
هل تحب ضحكتهم؟

me too!!
وأنا أيضاً

Do you like peace?
هل تحب السلام ؟؟

Everyone like peace...
الكــــل يحب السلام

هل تحب الحــــــرية؟
do you like freedom?

every one love freedom


Faisal ... said...

Assalaamoualaikoum HNK

First of all Eid Mubaarak. This is a very good article that you have compiled. You have shown the comparison of the life we have in the western world and the one you are actually experiencing in your country.

Allah Tawakalto. Inshaa Allah we will indeed see a smile on your face.

liminal said...

Eid Mubarak HNK, thank you thank you thank you

you did something very special in this post.

thank you


Wendy said...

Hnk - Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us. I am sorry that people were judgmental of you. No one has a right to judge your feelings, especially when you are simply expressing yourself on your own blog.

I am thankful for the opportunity to read your blog and to understand what it is like to live in Iraq right now. Having lived in the USA all of my life, I have no idea what it must be like to have a war going on around you. I pray for peace for your entire country. I pray that your people will have freedom from the terrorists and political and military independence from America.

I am curious about something. You said that it seems worse now than when Saddam Hussein was in power. Can you please share with us what it was like when Saddam was in power? Was it really as bad as everyone says it was, or did you not feel that he was a bad man after all? I'm just curious and would like to know.

God bless you.

Anonymous said...

HNK, I don't understand.

Most, if not all of the pictures you posted are of PALASTINIANS and ISRAELI SOLDIERS.

Are you PALASTINIAN? Is that why you posted these pictures?

Take care and stay safe.

Anonymous said...

HNK, i really wish there was something to say to you that would make you feel better. When reading your blog sometimes i feel really bad, and wish it could all change, i wish there was a solution to all your problems, and problems of the iraqi people.

i remeber when i was in year 5; i was about 10 years old, and i remeber we started to learn about world war 2. Ever since i have been afraid of war, and destruction. So i really upset that you have to go through all this, at your age. And its true, while all your families are being destroyed, America soldiers' families are being well protected. When your families are split up theres not really anyone there to stop the pain your feeling, if an america or british soldier is killed, their families are compensated.

Sometimes i find it almost amusing to know that there are people making comments supporting the america troops in iraq. The so called "reason" to this war, was to restore peace to iraq. There is nothing peaceful about war, and it will never solve any problem.

I fell really guilty at times knowing were are about the same age, both humans, yet we have completly differnt lives.

HNK, i wish you all the best, and i pray for you, and you family's saftey.


Mad Canuck said...

Hi hnk,

A very well written piece - I'm glad you posted it.

I think the previous anonymous poster missed the point of your post. It is obvious by looking at the uniforms that the photo-essay is about the actions Israeli troops in Palestinian territories. What is significant (and saddening) here is that you have used the photo-essay to draw a parallel between the actions of the Israeli troops in the Palestinian territories, and the American troops in Iraq. And, if you feel there is a parallel between Israeli troops in Palestine and American troops in Iraq, I'm sure there are a lot of other Iraqis who feel the same way.

What is sad is it was never intended to be like this. The goal was never to repress Iraqis, it was to liberate them. But, I think one of the real failures of the American military has been in failing to earn the trust and respect of the people in Iraq. Trust and respect isn't something you can take by force, it is something that must be earned.

Happy Eid....

Anonymous said...

This post is very well done, hnk. I do not think that it matters that you have posted pictures of Israelis and Palestinians. I have actually seen very similar pictures of Iraqis in the last year. I wish that every American who voted for George Bush could live your life for just one day. It would teach them a lesson that would remain with them for the rest of their lives. I think that you are a very smart and capable young woman, and your posts are important. Please take care, be safe, and continue to write.


Low Flying Angel said...

I agree with David. As well I think the coalition forces need to leave. GWB etc is a war criminal. I hope someday he is brought to justice. I hope you and your family stay safe.

Sue said...

Thank you, HNK for giving us a taste of what it must be like to be in you and your family's position. As I fall asleep at night, the worst I could hear is a fog horn in the distance or possibly a car backfiring. I don't think I've ever heard the sound of even a gunshot in my life. It is so important for people to try to understand what it would be like in another's shoes, and to put a face on the statistical numbers that are thrown at us by the media every day. It makes me sad to think that in this time of your youth that you must go through all this stress and uncertainty, when this should be the most carefree time of your life. Happy Eid to you and your family and I look forward to learning more from your posts.

Anonymous said...

"GWB etc is a war criminal"

Pathetic and distasteful to say the least. You realize that HNK is only 15 years old right?

Anonymous said...


I appreciate that life is difficult for you right now and that none of us can understand what you and your family are experiencing. I think some of the reasons people get upset is because you blame everything on the U.S. soldiers. I'm sure many things are their fault but there are many things that aren't. The current trouble in Mosul wasn't started by U.S. soldiers. The last thing they wanted was a new outbreak of violence in Mosul.

We don't expect you to never criticize the soldiers but we are wondering why you never criticize the people doing things like this:

Seven policemen and more than 30 rebels were killed in clashes with rebels in Iraq 's northern capital of Mosul, with one wounded policeman taken from his hospital bed, butchered and his corpse strung up, the interior minister said. Seven Iraqi policemen, 30 rebels killed in Mosul clashesWe'd be a lot more willing to empathize with your situation if you placed blame where it belonged, including both sides.

At the same time, I understand you're only 15 years old. We all need to take that into consideration and remember how we felt and thought when we were 15.


Anonymous said...

I also have to add that using pictures of Israeli soldiers and Palestinians illustrates a problem in the Arab world, that it sees everything through the prism of the Israeli/Palestinian situation and is unable to see other situations clearly on their own merits.


Anonymous said...


If you would like the American soldiers to leave Iraq, then please write a letter to PM Allawi and tell him to ask the Americans to leave Iraq. President Bush and all other coalition leaders declared during the summer that they will leave Iraq if the PM asks them to.

Up until now, PM Allawi has requested the Coalition to stay and help defeat the remaining terrorists and Saddam regime holdouts. For example, like those in Fallujah.

If you disagree with PM Allawi's decision, your next opportunity comes in January. If you believe the US and coalition should leave Iraq, then please vote for a party that will request the US and coalition forces to leave. The USA has already said that it will honor the wishes of the elected government. If the elected government asks us to leave, then we will leave immediately.

But, we have a saying, "be careful what you wish for" because wishes may have unexpected outcomes! If the USA forces leave right now, I sincerely believe your wish to be a serious mistake! ... I believe the United States is presently helping to provide whatever stability exists in Iraq. If we leave, the whole thing goes down hill very, very fast. But if you disagree with me, just make sure to cast your vote appropriately!

Anonymous said...

Hnk, I hope the insurgents force the Americans to leave and take over the government. Then you can live your life under a veil and burka and I'm sure they'll take your internet priviliges and speech rights away while they're at it. That would be what we call "poetic justice".

Matthias said...

Captain Fantastic (GWB) is a war criminal and I hope a Tribunal finds him guilty of war crimes. He's a right proper bastard, and he overthrew two sovereign nations. I don't think we've seen military action of one nation overthrowing another since the 1930's and 40's. Hooray for Good Old Fashioned American Expansionism and Western Knowhow. Kick some ass and then apologize! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAW!

Fucking hell, mate.

Never mind that after September 11th, 2001, we went in and started kicking some ass all over the world. Note that our economy still hasn't recovered and the buildings ares till gone. Is it just me or would have made more sense to fix our broken nation first, then go after the terrorists? Or at least think it through a little better?

Once again, hnk, sorry about that dumbass monkey we have in the White House. (for a laugh, check out it's a series of pictures of President Bush next to pics of monkeys. He looks the same!!! Not the same as getting us out of your country, but it might help ease the pain just a little. Laughter helps.)

Anonymous said...

I and many Americans symnpathize with great compassion for your plight. You must understand that every day we feel sorry for the mistakes we have made, and want to do the best to stabilize Iraq so that Iraqis can have peaceful elections and get on with their lives. We all understand how horrible your lives must be, and wish there was something we could do that would instantly improve them. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do that will make things better immediately.

We simultaneously recognize that withdrawing from Iraq would only make thing worse for you and for us as well. In five or ten years, Iraqis would be cursing us for leaving too, because they would again be at the mercy of the same thugs who behead and kill and have done so before under Saddam's regime. There would be nobody there to stop them except for the weak and disarrayed Iraqi police, who are only half trained, the Kurdish peshmegas, and the militas who are associated with all sorts of different political parties. There would be a civil war, and it would last for years and end with some insane Taliban like fanatics, just like in Afghanistan, except worse because Iraq has oil, which would make people even more intent on fighting to control it.

Would that make you safer or happier? No. And it would make us less safe too.

Even though we started this thing thinking that by getting rid of Saddam we would remove the chance he could use weapons of mass destruction against us, the people we are fighting now are the same people we were fighting in Afghanistan. Not literally the same people, but the same movement, the same ideology, the same objectives. They are using Iraq as a proxy war, and encouraging the insurgents against the US as a proxy weapon. There is nothing we can do to improve your lives unless these people are defeated.

Do not allow yourselves to become the pawns of Al Qaeda in an indirect war against the US. They do not intend to go away if the US leaves. They intend to turn Iraq into what Afghanistan became, and they will fight other Iraqis, kill and behead them, without remorse, to do so. After 30 years of Saddam, I do not think that Iraqis will have the ability to stop them and avert a civil war. And we cannot count on it.

sarnac said...

hnk: Thank you for daring to put a human face (if safely unseen) on this ugly war no-one truly wanted.

All Americans want Iraq and Iraqis to be safe and free. A few Americans want to abandon your country to the Baathists and Jihadis. Most Americans want our soldiers to stay only a short time to protect your elections, rebuild your police and military, then return back to America.

I want to re-assure your about America in the only way you can believe. American soldiers had military control over Japan, Germany, and all of western Europe. All of those countries are now democracies and are independant of America. I wish I could reassure you that rebuilding Japan and Germany was brief, but it did take years.

War is terrible, scary, and ugly. America did not truly invade Iraq because of Iraq's past but because of the future. America is scared of a _likely_ biological attack. Nuclear weapons can kill a few million people, but contagious virus weapons can kill billions.

Saddam Hussain's laboratories had been making weapons out of several diseases that currently have no cure. They also tried to combine diseases to make them worse. His military had used chemical and biological weapons already, including on Iraqis.

By any standard, America could not trust Saddam Hussain not to use biological weapons on our country. We are scared more for the future as doctors learn to use computers to create viruses to kill cancer ... or people. The virus you catch from a sneeze could be changed to make you bleed.

hnk, America will leave Iraq when you are safe or when your government asks us to. Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia want America to fail. They fear elections more than they fear bombs. This is why they support and supply the killers.

I believe that despite Syria and Iran, Iraq deserves to be free and will be free. I believe that American soldiers are causing tremendous damage and harm and fear as they kill the people who would deny freedom and free elections to Iraqis like your parents. (I read about the election threats on your sister's blog.)

I believe that your children and grandchildren may see America as a distant friend that rescued their country (the way many Germans and Japanese see us). I also understand that you may find it hard to forgive America for the damage that our invasion brought. I ask you only that in the coming years to remember that Americans have repeatedly died to save other countries from leaders like Hitler and Saddam Hussain.


To those who are reading and commenting on hnk's blog and that of her sister, I have a few brief, choice words:

These girls hide their identity carefully while living in an inhumane war-zone where one side obeys no rules or laws. Frankly for their safety, they should probably stop blogging at all, but since they do, treat them as the valuable resources they are. You read about a small corner of a big, messy, ugly war-zone from the unpoliticized, unbiased, young eyes of the closest you will ever get to an unbiased observers, albeit with limited geographic coverage.

Stop asking them to give details of themselves, even in pictures. If they reveal anything, their father will be right to stop them from blogging at all, assuming that revealing anything does not get them killed as being too connected to the West.

Whether you support or oppose the democratization by force of the Middle-East, the comments section of a blog of a scared and upset girl in a war-zone is not the place to debate each other ... go vent on a milblog's comments section or over in the DU etc.

If you care enough to post on hnk's or Najma's blogs, imagine you are talking to a young relative of yours, not engaging in a blog-post flamewar.

Also, remember that hnk's English is about where your high-school Spanish or French was, therefore do not use megapolysyllabic words, compound, complex and/or run-on-sentences, or complex grammar like this sentence if you actually intend for her to understand your meaning.

Oh, and to the silly people who doubt their reality and existence because they contradict your worldview, you forget something fundamental: political extremists who might try to fake a blog are rarely this persistent, moderate, sane, multi-lingual, and cross-referential. If you continue to be so silly as to doubt Najma or hnk, ask a native-Arabic-reading friend of yours to translate and idiomatically analyze hnk's arabic postings. If you insist on asking how her rich, generator-equipped-family can afford or operate computers and an internet connection, saner folk like me (who grew up in a third world country and lived through a revolution there) may doubt your honorable motivations.


hnk and Najma: Thank you for your candor and honesty. Thank you for revealing your thoughts. Thank you for putting up with us outsiders. Thank you for surviving in that horrible war-zone and talking to us when you can.

Peace be upon you and all those you care about.


Anonymous said...

it seems very strange that you post picture of palestinians/israelis to somehow make your point about iraq/US. totally different situations and they are being handled in two totally different ways, not that i dont agree with the israelis. actually, i dont. i would be a hell of a lot harder on the palestinians if i were them. knocking over houses isnt enough.

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