Tuesday, November 16, 2004

thank you shawn thank you storyteller, you thing like I think.that is impossiple that some one can imagin what the iraqi feel right now, do you know that Aya's grand father killed last thuresday by one of the american soldiers's bullets.when Aya being 8 years old, and ask me how is her grand father died,what I will answer her? take my place!what you will answer her? when I tell her that the american soldiers kill him.of course she will ask me: why?..how?..and did you do anything about that?..
this post I write it, and the other post I wrote it can be the answer about her questions,that time I can answer her that I did some thing about that, I do what I can do in thats time, I wrote in my blog what is going on in Iraq, how did iraqi attak by american soldiers.

yesterday afew meters I could walk it and reached the door of our home and met one of the american soldiers. one of these could be happend.
1- he killed me.
2- or I killed him.
I feel sick today, this is the third day of al Eid-al futor, and I don't feel that we are in Eid yet, We didn't get out from our home exept yesterday when we went to my aunt's house which is near from our home.


Anonymous said...

Sorry HNK, and it is impossible for me to imagine what the iraqi feel, and i wont lie about that. Im glad you weren't hurt. and i pray for your safety. Keep posting messages, and writing how you feel. i support you!!!


Anonymous said...


I'm really sorry about Aya's grandfather being shot and killed. And I'm sorry for all the pain you're going through.

But I would really like to know how you know they are "American bullets" that killed him, when you said he was caught in the middle of fighting. If you do know this for sure, I'd be glad to hear it. But I'm curious.

Storyteller said...

HNK, I'm glad that your family is still safe but that it's still scary there, and I can understand your fear of the American soldier. Even though it is so boring I hope your family will continue to stay home until the fighting quiets or stops. I was so sad to see the pictures of the children in your earlier post. I think that we forget sometimes that there are grandparents and parents and brothers and sisters and little children stuck in the middle of the fighting.

The people who doubt you are Iraqi or ask "how do you know it was an American bullet" have NO clue what it feels like to be where you are. Don't let them upset you, you are dealing with too much stress now already.

And give little Aya lots of extra hugs and love.

Wendy said...

I too am glad that your family is safe. I am sorry that you cannot enjoy the holiday due to the bombing.

I am also sorry that your experience with our soldiers has not been good. I can't defend their behavior, but to try to offer one possible explanation, just remember that in the soldier's eyes, they do not know who is a nice, normal Iraqi civilian and who is a terrorist. If they act brutal or unkind, that is probably why. Again, not to defend them. Just trying to explain maybe why they act like that sometimes.

God bless,


jimmy said...

storyteller said ask "how do you know it was an American bullet" have NO clue what it feels like to be where you are.

Thats correct storyteller, but that does not stop the question. And until now there has not been an answer...

hnk, if you are on the street and meet an American soldier, please do not try to kill him/her. That would only cause more problems.
We are trying to understand a very disturbing situation, and the best way is for hnk to keep posting and telling her feelings.
Please be careful and keep praying for peace...

songstress said...

Dear hnk,
I found your blog a few days ago, and I have been thinking about your writing a great deal; specifically, I have been thinking about all of the horrendous experiences you have been having, and I am very sorry. I am a university student in America, and my understanding of the war comes from various American and international sources. I have not been in favor of the war since its beginning, and the situation only seems to be getting worse. I think you are a brave young woman, and I understand how angry you must be at America and our military; I know I may be criticized for stating this, but I am angry with America, too. I try to find solace in my studies, and I continue to work hard in my school subjects. I know this might sound trivial, but keep studying and working on your school assignments. I realize that you have not been able to go to school with all that has been happening, but keep working. You seem like such a bright young person, and I am certain that education will hold an incredible future for you. I can not change the world right now, but I remain focused upon my school studies in the hope that one day I will be in a position to effect positive change in this world. Please, be safe and try to stay out of harm's way. Also, please know that there are many people in the U.S who do not agree with the war in your country. My heart goes out to you and your family, and I sincerely hope that you all remain safe.

Terrible said...

HNK, No words can tell you how terrible I feel about what is being done to your country, your people. I am an American and I did what little I could to try to stop this madness. I went to a couple of peace rallys before the war and I've written my representives in the government frequently for the past 2 years. It seems to have done nothing to stop those who know nothing of your great culture. I promise to you that I will continue to try to do more but at this point I almost feel as helpless as you. I have been reading your blog since late Sept. or early Oct. and was worried for you when you didn't post for a while in late Oct. I can't take back what has been done, I would if I could, but I will do what little I can to stop more of the murder of your countrymen and to see that this does not happen again in our future. HNK I am so sorry that any people in my country would do this to any other people in the world under any circumstances.
With Love and Best Wishes for you and the people of your country.
Sincerely, Ted from Vermont

Pat in NC said...

Hnk. It is good that you are writing your feelings. I am thankful that you are safe with your family. The news reports from Mosul indicate that headway is being made in ridding the city of those who are against the Iraqi elections and your route to true freedom. The Iraqi army, NG and police are working with the Americans. While you are in the midst of the battle in your own city, no person who has not experienced this can truly understand how frightening it is for you. You and your loved ones remain in my prayers that peace will soon come so that you may return to school and your regular activites. The fears, distrust and anger are legitimate feelings so keep venting in your blog.

Mad Canuck said...

Hi hnk,

The comments section on your latest post is disabled so I'll write a comment here.

You are right that you are only 15 years old, and that you have not traveled as much and may have had less education than some people who read your blog. But, that doesn't make your opinions and thoughts less valid than ours. People read your blog and others like it because we've never experienced anything like what you are experiencing. We've never been afraid to look out our window because we're afraid of the tank parked in front of our house. We sit in our armchairs here in America and other countries and read our morning newspapers and don't understand why many Iraqis feel so angry and frustrated. Reading blogs like yours helps us to understand.

You must find it hard blogging in English (you'd probably be more comfortable in Arabic), but by writing in English you reach a whole audience who might never hear your point of view. Even the soldiers who were sitting in front of your house the other day: I wouldn't be too surprised if at least one of them has read your blog or your sister's blog before, and would probably have been quite surprised if he found out he was sitting in front of hnk's and Najma's house.

Some people have strong feelings about the war in Iraq, and I think some have been very insensitive and rude to you in their comments here. Some of the comments are correct, but some of them are just plain wrong. The one lesson you can learn from your blogging over the past few days is that even people who are older and more educated than you are sometimes wrong. You should always listen to people, but then make your own decision on whether you agree with them or not.

You should also keep in mind that some people are just mean, and if you allow yourself to get upset and cry because of what they wrote to you, you are giving them what they want. You should try not to let them get to you like that.

I know the last week or so has been hard for you, but at the same time I think your blog has seen some of the best posts you've made, just because you've allowed your real feelings to flow out in your writing.

Kind regards,

songstress said...

Dear Hnk,
Like Shawn, I was unable to post a comment to your most recent post, but also like Shawn, I think that what you are writing is very valuable especially to people in other countries, so that we can better understand the situation that you and many others are enduring. I know it must be difficult to post all you say in English, but please keep writing! I enjoy your blog so much, and I think about you and your family often; please do not be discouraged by others' nasty comments. This is your blog, and you are entitled to post whatever you like! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Sending all the love, hope, and encouragement I can,

Anonymous said...

Hey HNK, i was also unable to reply to your previous message,

You are intitled to an opinion, as this is your blog, and dont let anyone else tell you your opinion is incorrect, or stupid. Like you have done. people in the western world may tell you, that you are wrong, or you should be greatfull, and so on, but in the end, they're not the ones in iraq at the moment, and can only write about their knowledge from the news. Alot of westerners act like they know whats best, and know how you feel, but in the end i doubt they would manage a day in iraq right now.

I am greatful that you write your blog in english, because i think you have helped me try to understand more about the situation in iraq, far better than any newspaper, or reporter would. HNK because of you, i try to take less thing for granted. Thanks!!!

Would it be ok if i asked that you continued to blog, i think i would be very worried if you stoped blogging!!! Say whats on your mind, some may not appreicate it, but i do!!!

take care whatever you do!!!

MotherofMany said...

We love our children. We know that some of you love your children. But we have to wonder if this is true of all because of what we see for ourselves. People who love their children more than they hate others do not produce suicide bombers, do not leave car bombs where they will blow up civilians, do not shoot police officers, do not leave signs threatening to kill people for voting...

Margaret Hassan loved Iraq's children, too. She dedicated her life to helping Iraqi children. She loved Iraq and its people.
Terrorists in Iraq kidnapped her and shot her in the head. They videotaped it and sent it to television stations, but this was one terrorist video Arab television wouldn't air.
If the body of the western woman found in the streets of Felujah is hers (tests are now being done, but it looks like it probably is her), they also hacked off her arms and legs.
REad more about this fine woman and how much she loved Iraq and its people here. Americans did not kill her. http://www.mudvillegazette.com/cgi-bin/mt/mt-tb.cgi/1591

In any war or firefight between two groups, innocent people can be killed. This is tragic. It saddens us all. However, more people will die if Americans simply give up and walk away, leaving Iraqi people at the mercy of these terrorists. It's not Americans who are *deliberately* kidnapping civilians and innocents and shooting them in the head and cutting off their heads and taking video tapes of it to show on television.

It's not Americans who put bombs on dead bodies, who ask for doctors, and then when people come to help them, blow themselves and everybody aroudn them up.

This is what most Americans are like:
Salehma Mahmoud, 43, and her four daughters fled Fallujah on Tuesday after her husband was killed fighting against the Americans. They walked 4 miles only to be confronted by Iraqi soldiers who insulted and harassed them, grabbing at Mahmoud's oldest daughter.

''He grabbed Fatima's hand and tried to kiss her. I was trying to stop him with all I had," she said. ''He beat me and pushed me to the ground, and his friends were laughing at us loud. He tore the right sleeve of my daughter's dress and lay her on the ground."

To Mahmoud's surprise -- because she had been told that US troops would beat and rape her -- a US patrol rescued them. An American soldier pulled the Iraqi soldier away and yelled at him.

Mahmoud's daughter, who speaks some English, told her that the American called the Iraqi names and said, ''If you had really come to save the people of this city, you would not have done such a thing."

We want to help. The quicker the terrorists are eliminated and stopped and democracy is safe in Iraq, the quicker we can go home.

When Aya asks how her grandfather died, you can tell her the truth- wicked hate-filled men were trying to keep democracy from coming to Iraq. They had killed many innocent people, attacked police stations, blown up schools, and the Americans fought back, trying to stop them so the Iraqi people could have free elections, because free countries do not go to war with each other. Innocent people were caught in the line of fire in one of those battles and her grandfather was one of them. That's a terribly sad thing- but the people to blame are the terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Hello HNK

You are 100% right, we american's that have never been through a war here in the states have no idea what it must be like other than what we see in pictures or on tv.

Many of us do not support this war and believe we are over there mainly for the US interest in your oil.

I truly think that Bush used the excuse to go after Saddam and the idea of WMD's were the "smoke screen" that got us over there in the first place.

Blowing up the oil fields, the terrorists know this is one way to get back at us.

Anyway, I hope you and your family stay safe and this war will end soon so your people can live free and build a better Iraq.

Dallas, TX

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