Friday, February 18, 2005

am I the one who is walking on the road or this the road that is moving? or are we both standing but that is the time that is running?..I don't know

I am not doing well in English (I wrote hard while I ment heart)...I am really bad..said that in my face....don't worry, you will be be sure of that I will told you the last news, I get 9 in English examination while all the girls in my class get 10 ALL OF THEM , 29 girls get 10 but hnk get 9, can you believe it.

in the same day that I got this mark I had a really bad nightmare, I was killing one girl. "and it was really nice and cute girl" any way when we finished our courses and the time to go back home came in...all the girls went to their home and 8 girls was still in the school they were "me, Najma and the girl whom I killed in my dream and 5 others girls"....
When I looked to this girl I wanted to cry...finally she went to her house.
My father called us and said that the road is closed so he could'nt came right now and ask us to wait .... We were talking to this 5 girls and we were so worried about how could we went back home.... and one of this girls had a little account in her mobile and her cousin tell her that she better called their parents but she answered her: "I have alittle account that make me able to do one call, and if I did it now, I will be unable to do another call so if we died the people will not call our parents and tell them that we died, and if I didn't do this call this people will be able to use my mobile and call my parents and tell them that we died" strange haa???

After some time my father called again and tell us that he called my cousin and ask him to come to take us home ... To our surprise my father and my cousin reached the school at the same moment!....befor one minute we didn't have any one to take us home, and now there are two cars waiting for us. The road was opened lately and both of them can come to pick up us.
I asked the girls if they want to go with us to our house and then their parents take them from it, but they refused and said that your dad came here, so that's mean the road opened, so the driver will come too soon.....
I sat in the car and my dad drove

I looked to my bags and I saw a tear on it, I though it's najma's bags,may be I carried her bags and she carried mine, so that's ok, Iasked Najma if I have her bags and she have mine, but she answered that she have her bags not mine!!!!!
aaaah I shout "dad, go back I replace my bag with some one, we go back to school, and the girls were sit in the car and ready to go home, I ran quickly to them and I saw my bags so I gave the girl her bags and take mine without telling her anything I was so confused because there was a shelling of bullets and that prevent me from finding the word to talk ....I left this girl who was look as if she didn't understand what I did, I left her with her mouth widely opened !! so it was really hard day, but that was just the beginning, after we reached, We heard in the news about assassinated Al- hariry (Lebanon Muslim leaders) ....I don't know what to say to the Lebanese people for losing their leader(I am so sorry)


the next day was much better, I had a chemistry examination and I answered good on it but I have a small mistake....I had an Arabic examination too and I get well.....
Yesterday they told us that we will come back to our school on Sunday....and that day when we finished our courses and went out I saw my father waiting me with friends came and saw Aya and they were about 8 girls gathering around her, and Najma's friends were about 5, so Aya was having a good time like a princess...well it is a princess to me .
when we was in our way home,the tarfic policemen tell us not to go to our street because it was closed so we left the car near from it and walked home, my mother ran to us and carry Aya and take her home as quickly as she could because of the bullets which are too close to our home.The point of all this post that we are suffering from closed roads. We are suffering from our bad school, and we are suffering from this hard days that we spent in iraq, those hard days which are unforgetable, while we need to forget this bad part of our life, we need to erase it, or change it......but we can't run from the truth .....I will go now to play with Aya and pray to get well in English examination in sunday....bye now and see you soon in shallah .
Best regard
pc: sorry for my long post, if didn't read it all thats Ok, I think I will late for my next post because I should end doing a programme which the teacher told us to do..