Friday, February 11, 2005

Hi all,
let me present you to the groom (ICE MAN)and to the bride (misses ice)

aren't they cute, best wishes to them to live a happy life together...Just joking
well, this year is the second year I saw the snow but it wasn't snow like last year.. the snow dissolved after one hour so we couldn't made a snow man like last year.
about aya I don't here about her from 2 days ago because the telephone is not work now and the only thing that I know that she ate botato for a dinner yesterday
note: this picture I took it last year...


David said...

Hnk, Ice Man and Misses Ice are excellent snow people! :) You are a very good snow sculptor!

Anonymous said...

Nice. The iceman commeth. hail to lady ice.:)

Fayrouz said...

Dear Hnk,

You're very funny. Keep us laughing sweet girl.

I hope the groom and the bride live happily after. They look so cute.

Anonymous said...

I'm just trying the new system of comments.. NICE!

Hassan said...

Hey they look nice hnk but don't u think the misses is a little short. Kidding.