Friday, February 04, 2005

Yes me again

salam to you every body,
yesterday will be SATURDAY and that's mean going to school again, so don't ask me about my mark GOOD REASON to not let you write a comment.
we went out from home today, do you believe that? yeup we did that "if I was not dreaming !".... we went to my mother's cousin house because she went to macka this year I hope my parents will be able to go to macka next year. after we finish that we went to my uncle home and spent there a bout 30 minutes and then go back home after 5:30 o'clock.. ...... I write so slow because I chat with raghda who is sad too :(

NO she is not sad now it's laughing to me :( ..
I don't have anything to say. But I just want you to pray for me and if I had a good mark I will tell you them all IF I HAD A GOOD MARK
so bye bye now
and pray for me