Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Is this school or what? Updated

Good morning ...Do you like to go to my school. Come with me!!!! ...yalaah

use this brick to reach the school.....if you are afraid, there is another way to reach it...Use this

be carefully to not fall in this pond

oh you reach the swamp.....Oh sorry IT'S MY SCHOOL

this view you can see it from the window of the classroom

can you believe that I am going to this school every day...And I breathe this pollution air with my friends...is this school or what??
God know which microbe did I breathe it, surely I am sick now and I don't know that
help us !! I don't know how...But we need your help.....
so heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp us if you can.

note:" my school's name is Al mutamiezat school",

the suffering girl


Anonymous said...

I wish I could help, but I’m on Mars. (actually Dallas)
I do find these conditions unacceptable and believe its
Time for the fathers and uncles of all the students to
Have a workday to clear or make some drainage channels
to allow the water to drain.
It would also be a good time for the students to
Help clean the inside of your school.
It might also be fun.

Best Wishes,
Don from Dallas

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

the principal said that she called Al- iraqia mosul's TV and tell them about our school's problem and in The second day the governer of mosul called her and he was mad about her doing something like that..and he didn't give us any help. The same thing happened when the directer of Al-Salam's hospital told TV about how the Americans occupied the hospital, the governer of Mosul was too mad on the directer and kept telling him that there were no Americans in the hospital (But, there were, and everyone knows).

Anyway, they said that our school was on TV few days ago, but however, this didn't help.

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...
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Mad Canuck said...

Hi hnk,

I think this problem is easier to fix than you might think.

Has the school always flooded each year? I would guess the answer to this is no, since the engineers who designed the school would have designed it to have adequate drainage. So, we have to ask what happened to the drainage.

Usually what happens is drainage ditches (gullies) and storm drains will get clogged up with leaves, branches, trash, and other debris unless people clean them out. And, I'm guessing the drains and ditches serving your school have probably not been cleared out since before the war, so that means they are probably filled with debris. This debris prevents them from carrying water away, thus allowing your school to flood.

You can try to kick up a fuss and see if someone will fix the problem, but my guess is fixing drainage at a school will take a lower priority to other more urgent issues (fixing the electrical grid, fixing the hospital, etc.). Personally, I think you'd have more immediate success if you follow Don's suggestion and try to do something about the problem yourselves.

I'd wait until it's a bit dryer, then get a group of volunteers (teachers, students, parents, etc.) with gloves, shovels, and boots. Drag all the debris out of the drains and ditches, and put it in a big pile.

If there are floor-drains that are not working, the clog may be inside the drain, and you may need to hire a plumber with a rotary "drain snake" to clear clogs inside the drain.

And, if the existing ditches and drains aren't sufficient, dig an additional one. For example, the last picture you put up shows a wall with water up against it, but the road outside looks relatively dry. If you dig a drainage channel under the wall (or bore a hole through the bottom of the wall to the outside), it could allow water to drain out.

If you do some of these things, you may find the water problems solved.


357martini said...

It's interesting to see how many Americans respond to your plight with utter disregard to the fact that their nation is responsible for your schools condition. HNK dear, American's are generally quite uninformed as to anything outside their nation, or even their own history ( just ask one to justify the slaughter of the First Nation's Peoples, their nations claim to racial superiority, or their own seriously deluded, yet equally numerous fundamentalist Christian population ) therefore keep fighting for your national rights and try to stay away from Americans with guns....as they have a tendancy to shoot first and drink beer later.

David said...

Hi hnk,

I think that Jeff and Shawn have some good suggestions. I would suggest that you ask your father if he has a friend or relative who is an engineer who could come to the school and find the problem. It probably is just a clogged drain, as Shawn said.

liminal said...

A clogged drain...

Simple as that huh? If only Iraq was as simple as a clogged drain.


Okay HNK, I've thought about this for a day, and I still don't believe these images. I'm going to try to get in touch with some people. You're a smart girl, so you know nothing may happen for a while. Absolutely ridiculous...I'm honestly fed up with the incompetence of the reconstruction.

I'll be in touch via email.

Take care and give my best to all your wonderful family.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry your schools are so unkempt and that there is still violence shattering your country. I think the insurgents are attacking more Iraqis and fewer Americans to try and force you to give up. Make sure to keep lots of pictures and keep a journal though since your children and grandchildren will not believe you when you tell them what it was like. As for your English troubles, I taught English in Japan for 8 years and understand how hard it is. English is possibly the most difficult language in the world to learn. You're is very good and you should be proud of your ability. Hang in there and keep writing. Be sure to ask the people on the internet to correct your mistakes and just keep practicing. Grades aren't the really important thing, learning is. Good luck and may God bless you everyday.

Anonymous said...

Hey HNK,
I hope you get better soon, unfortunatly, you cant take anything to make it better, you just have to let it run its course, keep yourself warm, so you body can work quicker to make you better.
Take care

Anonymous said...

Hey hnk! how are you..long time no see.. its all coz of my stupid exams.
Alhamdulilah you're alright.
Your school looks dangerous, i mean how could you walk in that bridge(was door). You girls are very brave Mashallah!.
That swamp looks like the one in my university, you see we've been getting awfully good rain here in the uae alhamdulilah but the water forms a nice lake just at the entrance of my university and i find it hard to walk back home. once i got to duck into it cause my dad wasnt there to pick me.Yuck!! i kinda got rashes all over my legss eeww
Anyway, you strengthen me with your determination! be strong!.bidnan nshof iladalat.
and just like you told me the other day ''Tanish Ta'ish Tanta'Ish''

Anonymous said...

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