Friday, October 05, 2007

The first of October

Remember remember the first of October the Gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason why the gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot...

Remember remember the first of October
The date of disaster, the date of …

The first of November was the first day of going to university after the summer holiday.

Najma (my sister) was so eager to start her second year in her college * what can I say! She is so weird*

My sister, my mother went to Mosul University and my mother planned with Najma that If her lessons end early, she will go to my mother college and they will go back home together and if not, Najma will be waiting for my dad near Najma’s college.

Although Najma is not a good listen girl, she followed the instructions.

At about 1 PM bomb car exploded in the same place where Najma and my dad arrange to meet.

I was in the house numbering the walls in each chamber of it, and guess what? In each chamber, there are 4 walls, not more not less.

I didn’t hear the an explosion but I hear my cell phone ringing (my mobile) and it was my dad who was calling me

- Dad, I am hnk. Is there any place I could be in except home!
- I thought I called your mom... CLOSE THE PHONE
- Ok * It’s not my fault, is it?*

I thought that my mother didn’t meet my father in the place they planned to meet (as usual).

Frankly speaking, my father was calling my mother after he saw a fire and a bomb car in the place where he should meet Najma. So he called my mother to see whether Najma went to my mother’s college and survive or not?

Did she die or did she not? This is the question

She did finish her lessons soon and went to my mother’s college and remain there .There, is where she heard the explosion of the bomb car, there is where my mother sat shocked because she was so close to lose a daughter and there is where Najma found a new and another reason to say when we ask her to do some of house work
-“I was going to die today, and you want me to wash the dishes?? “

They met my dad and ran back home before the police closed the streets.

And while I was studying the theory that says “All chambers have but only one roof”, my cell phone rang again.
She was my mom and she said :
“we are going to see your cousin, bomb car took place near the university and your cousin was injured “

Suddenly and before any warning the tears fell down and my shaking voice said “how is he??”

My mother assured me that he is fine; she said that they didn’t see him yet, but he drove his car by himself and went to his house.

My cousin told them the whole story.
He was shopping in front of the university, buying watermelon, and a car in the next street exploded. He said that the sound was so loud. that he couldn't belive that he still can hear.

After the explosion he found him self lying on the ground far away from the place he was standing and the shop keeper was also lying in the ground but in another side which is also away from where he was.
He said that there was money and watermelons every where.
His clothes had tears and he was injured in his legs.

The situation was so crowded at that moment, there were 6 injured people (4 of them are student) and there was one dead man (he was a teacher in the university) this is the information I heard in the news (of course there were more injured people that are not count (the news couldn’t cover everything) such as my cousin.

My cousin left the place and drove his car to his house before his mother and wife heard the news.

He left the watermelon he bought and his money in the ground as a sign, sign talks and said :

Here is where a man was lying…
Here is where a man left his belonging stuff and took his soul to his child and family. A soul which is maybe a reason of the life of some people.

At the end I could improve the theory: The chamber has but only one roof


Khalid said...

7amdilla 3assalama for everyone and alla yi7meekom inshalla.

Najma uses that excuse to not was dishes? she is horrible i am going to yell at her for that ! :O

Anonymous said...

Hey! HNK! I love your poetry! Give me more!
Love the pic, too (hidden tears). Did you make it?
Difficult to live with older sister!
You are special, HNK. A survivor!

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

Salam Khalid,
yes, she used that excuse.
Can you believe how horrible she is? * I am just joking*
Thanks Khalid for visiting my blog, do it again, ha??

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

Hello Steen,
Well, if you ment the poem of the hidden tears, yes I wrote that but I didn't make it's picture, I got it from the internet and I thought It's will be suitable for this post.

Well Steen, If you like the poem really, I will write more if I have a chance to survive.

But If you ment the poem that written under the tittle (The first of October), I didn't wrote that, I heard them in a film.

Anonymous said...

HNK you are developing a morbid since of humor living under those impossible conditions. I think you will someday be a great writer. You seem to have a way with words.

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

Thanks anonymous,
I will try hard to be a writer

Khalid said...


i will definatly come visit more inshalla :D

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

I will not write more till this post be read by a large number of people.

Unknown said...

Please add me to that large number of people, hnk. :)

I don't know why, but I feel you are getting stronger. I love your posts.

Jan said...

Bonjour HNK,

I too feel the tragedy of the car bomb and the impact on your family. Hopefully your cousin recovers soon.

You improve yourself each time I read your blog. This entry again is touching.

It's correct that a house has one roof. Under that roof we all live. We are all responsible for what happens under that roof.

We westerners don't know much
about the consequenses this war, any war, has on civilians.
The Americans go to war in other countries. The Europeans have had their war more than 60 years ago (and that war still has impact on today's children)

cile said...

hi hnk ;)
i'm glad you picked op blogging again. and i agree with some anon who wrote 'you seem to have a way with words'. yesyes! i see that too. :)
bests to you and your family

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

Libby, cile and jan
Thanks for visiting and leaving comments.
I hope you are right about getting stronger.
I need to be strong, And I have to :)

Anonymous said...

No, I meant the poetry in Scattered Words and Hidden Tears. V for Vendetta was great. I want to watch it again. The words in the film are a very old poem, maybe hundreds of years old.
Keep going, hnk! Best wishes from me in Japan.

Anonymous said...

Oi! hnk!
"I will write more if I have a chance to survive"
What is this!? You will! hnk is special. Think about that.
I like this song, which is actually a love song. It's called "I will survive".
by Gloria Gaynor
I hope it picks you up if are fed up.
Even if lots of people don't read your blog, the people who do read it, like it. Write on Survivor!

David said...

Hi Hnk, I am so sorry that you have to worry about the safety of your family and friends! It must have been very hard for you when you didn't know if Najma and your cousin were ok.

Thanks for your visit to my blog. You asked who taught me "Wallah". Well, I don't know, I have heard the word for many years. Is it an Arabic word? What does it mean?

I hope you will like my new post too. I used Wallah again, just for you! :)

John said...

I am so glad your sister is okay, even if she did not wash the dishes!