Friday, June 17, 2005

What happened to my mind?

What happened to my mind? That was the first question
that came to my mind. And my mind is still asking
- what's happened to me?

Well, yesterday I spent 5 minutes looking at the teeth
brushes and wondering which one is mine. After that, I
took my mother's brush and started to brush my teeth with
it. At that time, I felt that it is not mine.

My mind asks itself this day the same question, what
happened to me? And when Najma my sister went to wash
the dishes that I put in the table, she saw the pizza
in the dish and under the water, so she came to me and
she seemed SO angry and asked me why I put the pizza
Did I do that? Am I the one who put the pizza under
the water? STRANGE

After that I asked myself, Am I really sixteen? Well,
I looked at the mirror and saw a face have pimples on
it. So yes, I am really sixteen.

Stop talking about my mind. My mind's work to think
and I am writing what I think so my mind always has
the priority of what I write.

Yesterday I went with a friend to see my other friend
mary. I had a good time there. From the minute I walked
through the door until I went out she wouldn't stop
forcing me to eat. In the beginning, she gave me a
lecture about how much I seem thin and how much that
does not help my health. After that she serve me ice
cream and after half an hour, a cake and cola and then
banana, apple and watermelon and then candy and
cookies. Oh, I ate so much!

After I came back home, I ate my lunch. I did not stop
eating last night. Well, I did not stop eating for the
last few days maybe because I do not feel comfortable.

We heard today that American soldiers imprisoned six
Iraqis women. And I heard from my sister who work in the
hospital that American soldiers took a 3 years old kid
to the hospital after they shot him. Not good news to
hear. If I will not talk about the bad things that are
happening in Iraq, I will not find any thing to talk
about and at that time I should probably shut up,
close the blog, and begin counting the days…