Sunday, June 05, 2005

Hi all,
Thank you for your nice comment, I don't know what to say except thank you.
well, yesterday my uncle family and my sister family came to our house and we celebrate .
ME and my mother make a cake and other sweet and prepare sandwich for the dinner. My uncle's family gave me a watch. My sister gave me a T-shirt . And we took some pictures.

My friend came to my house in the same day of my birthday but unfortunately we were out of home. So I call her today and asked her to came any day she want. She told me that she will think of coming today. So I went and clean my room but at end she call and said I will not come today.
Aya was here today, she make me feel sick about what she she did. At end she is my niece and I should took care of her. She didn't walk yes, that's ok. I didn't walk till one year and two month old, while Najma walk in her 8 month old.
I saw that you like the picture ha???. So this is another one.
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Dalia M. said...

Hi hnk,

Very nice picture.


David said...

Hi Hnk,

What did Aya do? She is so cute it is hard to imagine she could be naughty. :) In this picture, you look like you want to sing into a microphone. I see the makings of a future superstar! :)

Jack B. said...

Aya is a baby so I doubt she would even know it if she did something wrong, be patient with her. Another cute picture of you, HNK. I'm glad that you had a happy birthday.

programmer craig said...

Hi Hnk... did your mom take these pictures? She only took cute pictures of you I think. All my baby pictures, I have baby food in my hair and stuff like that :p

I just went to your dad's blog... he has over 300 comments in some of his posts! That's too many to even read, in my opinion. I wonder if anybody does, or if they just post their own without reading others...

Anonymous said...

yeah,very nice photo!

Anonymous said...

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