Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hi all,
today for the third time this week I went out home " not normal"
some day before when I didn't went out of home for along long days I looked out side and see the sky, I don't know what happened to me. It looks like this is the first time I see it, I just want to cry I felt strange feeling.

I have a problem here; every movement in the house, every thing happened I wrote it in my mind as a post in the blog. And that is bothering me a little.

I was surf in the internet and found some post I wrote it but not in English but in French check it
I tried to read it And I CANT UNDERSTOOD WHAT I SAID I am really bad in French that I couldn't understood what I (I) wrote. Now I understand why I got less mark in French NOW I GOT IT. Any way thanks "merci" for the people who translated my post into French.

Well what I have to say????
Today me and my father went together to take Najma from her friend's house and while we were in the road we didn't speak any thing. I said so? And dad said so? And NOBODY talk till I said: dad I was at home, so I don't have any thing to say but certainly you do? At that time dad said 10 word and then stop. And while we were in the road there were many helicopters above us. And after that there were a bout 6 tank cars in the road. So we stopped the car and waited with the other people who were there. And after some minutes "no long" they moved and so did we. We took Najma and came back home, that time Aya was going to her house so we said good bye to her. That's strange, we always saw Aya for example 5 hours and after that time when she went, we spent the time talking about her (what she did, what she said, what she ate, how she was). I asked my mother some day How we were living before Aya came to the life? and she said we were lived waiting Aya.

I am feeling greatful for you that you read my blog and as I read in one blog that I am writing in a strange way for you. well that's nice. I think if I find some one wite a blog in Arabic and he is not arabian and he couldn't write in understood way I will like to know him.
well, don't write an email telling me that my English is good because I know that :)

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