Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I am a blind, I can't see the truth

One month ago I wrote about the problem that bothers me, I see nightmare every night. I really hate what was happened to me till now, when I discovered that the real life that I live is a nightmare. The truth became clear, and the features began to appear. Sleep helps me not bother me. I was running from the truth, I can't agree with what happened because I can't confess that I lived a better life and spend beautiful times in sadam's time.
IN fact: I was hate sadam SO much, and now I don't hate him (And I don't like that) I don't feel anything towards him. He doesn't mean to me anything.

What I was thinking. Get what I want? Have the happy life which I dream? See a peace world?

Believe or not believe:
Last days, I, my sisters and mom were watching TV, my sister who is a doctor turned the TV into al Iraqia channel. What was there in Iraqia TV?

Why you cut a head of doctor gave you the medicine?

In the moment we read this we began to laugh. Well, bad news which you don't expect it always let you laugh.
Did they wait the people who killed the doctor to answer?
WHY? what a stupid question,did this people who killed the doctor ( cut their heads)recognize what they do?

I still can't believe what my eyes saw.

What should I feel towards:
Toward the people who killed the doctors?
Towards the soldiers who killed my relatives and my people every day by their arms?
Towards Saddam who break my heart?

What should I feel? What should I say? What should I do?
I don't know
I am a blind in the dark