Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Not be a secret anymore

Hmm, let's see what I was going to write?

Now, part of my heart feeling very grateful for my Mom and Dad, my mother took us to buy some clothes and other things today. As I mention before, my father is in
France and he contacts with us every day, he is doing well. He said he got some weight and he is enjoying his time and he wish that we are with him. He said that he couldn't buy gifts for us, because the price is too height there. And so my mom is buying some gifts for us from Iraq :) And we will pretend that we have these clothes from France :) Who said the opposite ?

The other part of my heart feeling that he is missing some bodies.
I miss my dad; I want him right now sitting beside me. I miss Ayman too much; I didn't see him from last Saturday. I don't know why I am missing him, He didn't say a word or do an action which make me fall in love , he didn't open his eyes and look at me, he didn't beat me or push me or do the stuff that Aya did with me. But I miss him; I began to forget his looking. :(

Yesterday, my mother and I went to the tiny market in our neighborhood and it was close, so we changed our way and went to the super tiny market and bought the things that we needed. After that when we were going to the house we saw that the tiny market was opened so we entered and my mother told the shoppers who is one of our neighbors that she finishes her shopping and she came to look for some others things. The shoppers asked my mother about my father and my mother told him that he is fine and he said of course he is fine because he is far from the explosions and the bullets bla bla bla....while he was saying his word we heard a loud sound of bullets and I don't know what was happened out side, The shoppers told us to go to the safer place in the market. But that was not working, It was clear that the bullets were in our street. So, He holds the phone and called his mother and asked her to open the door.
?????? :)
Where is the door?? haaa??
Do you know the story of Allis in the wonder land? When she became small in size she opened a door and go to what ever it was. Anyway, the door he asked her mother to open was in that size. I don't know how I could put myself in that door which was leading to their garden. Well, we sat at his house for a while and then went back to our house.

Anyway, I don't care which size the door is. but it is a very good door :) As they said:

Don't judge the book from it's cover. I don't know who said that but I know that I said:

Don't judge the door from it's size
hehe,How much silly I am ??
If you are with the people who said that I am silly, so come to Iraq and live for months and we will see!. Will the silly life here make you silly or not??