Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dear Ayman

Hello, My name is An, I am now 3 days old. I have one sister who looks very kind with me. Especially that I am the only one who is being kissed by her. I gave her every day a gift to make her love me and not be jelouse.
She cried when she saw them took me for a bath. The first day was full of tears for her, whenever I stop crying she began to cry.
She called me Aony ( I like this name) and when she said Aony all the Family forget who is Aony and the only little cute baby they remember is Aya.
I don't blame them, she is more beautiful than I am. She walk and talk and do an action which make the whole family laugh.
Today I saw her eating cucumber after dipping it in the Cola, I wonder if that taste good.
Anyway, I love my family but I didn't see my grandpa till now.. I heared them talking to him in the phone and they said he is in france.... They said in france there are streets and lights and some others things. Anyway, I hope when my grand father will come back from france, he'll love me as much as he love Aya.
I sleep almost all the day. They think I am in a state of denying because they left me and went to play with Aya.
ok , bye now. I have to sleep before the night fall. Because now my jope is not make my mother sleep. That's fun, Try it!
talk to you later


Anonymous said...

Please, you must let your mother sleep! But of course you have to be very very selfish sometimes, I understand.
They took a good picture of you, didn't they? Center-stage, right where you belong, right? But you're not looking us in the eye yet...:)
Sweet dreams!

David said...

Hello Dear Ayman!

I think that you may be the world's youngest blogger! :) I enjoyed reading your first post very much. You are right, Aya is a beautiful girl, but you look very handsome in your picture. I am sure that your grandfather will be very proud of you! Please write to us again soon. :)

Unknown said...

All of God's children are beautiful flowers, slowly unfolding their petals of potential. All contain gems of talents and skills, waiting to be expressed in the world. We should all try our best to allow this to happen, for all children, everywhere.

Every month I write at least one letter to my cousin. She is now about 5 years old. I have been writing for a little more than a year. She was born with a case of mental retardation, so the doctors say that she will probably never advance past the mental age of a young child. But sometimes doctors make mistakes. And sometimes technology might even allow for her potential to make the world a better place.

Why am I mentioning this here?

Because the photograph of Ayman is so precious, so beautiful. And yet I realize, looking at that picture, God does not love him any more or any less than any child that has ever been born.

Shouldn't we all try, for their sake, for the children's sake, to change the opportunities so that Aymans in the world have a chance to fulfill their potential?

Libby said...

Dear Ayman,
Please thank your Aunt hnk for posting a sweet picture of you onto the internet. Your sister will be very happy with the gifts you give her.

Mad Canuck said...

What a cute baby! Congratulations to all of you.

Jack B. said...

Hello, Ayman. Welcome to blogging! For 3 days old you already are quite good looking (and not all babies are). I'm sure that your big sister, Aya, will be your greatest champion. It already seems like she loves you.

Anonymous said...

he's beautiful! sis from the usa

jarvenpa said...

Welcome to this world, little Ayman. Be gentle with the rest of your family (and let them get some sleep!)Tell your sister Aya she is still much admired, and especially tell your dear aunt HNK that she is very clever and a wonderful writer.

maverick said...

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grammote said...

Beautiful baby boy.....congratulations !!
Stay safe....grow up...perhaps you will be the one to bring peace to your country..... Love always !!

Raghda said...

Very very very very nice post Ayman, I hope to hear from you again.
Good luck to you and me(My exams start from tomorrow).

Morbid Smile said...

What an adorable and hansdome baby you are, Amony! I'm sure girls will run after you asking for dates soon enough ;)

Your job now is to prevent your Mom from sleeping??! Hehehe, that sounds fun! My Mom said that I didn't really prevent her from sleeping when I was you age, so I think I'd better do it now! :P

maverick said...

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Anonymous said...

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