Wednesday, May 24, 2006


The clock rang about 7 o'clock in the morning, and I didn't wake up. Rang again at about 7:45 and another one at about 8. Well, I woke up and ate my breakfast and hurried to take my physics examination at home. As I mentioned before, I started studying for the next year.

Hum, Aya came today, she is too active and she prevents us from touch or sit beside Ayman. She said " mal Mamia", she mint that he is her mother's baby.
Till now she thinks that my father is praying, I don't think praying need all this time. anyway
She holds the phone and said "Gagawa, Ta3ali" she mean (Grandpa please come!).
I am too eager to see my father but I am more eager to see the meeting between my father and Aya. I am sure that they are both missing each others very much.

Yesterday I had a terrible night. I closed my eyes and when I was too close from being in my first nightmare, the electricity turn off. Now, I live the nightmare. It was too hut beside that there are many mosquito this summer. What's the problem??

I open the window and look to the sky and between the wires I could see the stars.
Oh... This star is lighting for a moment and stop after while!!
Oh... It's moving!!... Oh it's helicopter, Sorry.
Just imagine my night with the sound of generators and helicopters.
Very beautiful night.

Now, I will go and spend my times with Aya.
bye bye


Anonymous said...

I read your blog and your sisters often. I am a mother of an American soldier (he just turned 20) stationed in Mosul and I just want you to know that I for one am proud of how you and your family have handled all the changes that have occurred in your country and I pray daily for you all. You are a very brave girl of 16---there are not many American girls who could be as positive as you are with your surroundings. I think you "being Silly" is a wonderful thing and I am sure it is what keeps you and your family and friends going on some days. I have a Daughter--she is from Romanina--she is 18 and is a junior in high school. I would like to tell her about you and get her to start reading your messages so that she can see how brave and positive you are. If I can do anything for you---please don't hesitate to ask--Bless you and your family.

Lisa B

Anonymous said...

I use to live in a city where police helicopters flew around at night with spot lights turned on. It was a real pain but I'm sure you have many more than I did. After awhile I kind of just got used to it. I hope your father returns soon.

David said...

Your physics exam was a take home test? I wish mine had been that way! I hope your mark will be very high! :)

Is Aya trying to guard Ayman while her mother is not there? Maybe Aya thought you would take Ayman away. It is good that she protects her baby brother. :) When will your father return?

I really hate mosquitos! Do you have a screen on your window to keep them out? If you have many mosquitos then you must have had a lot of rain recently. The mosquitos breed anywhere there is water.

You will be surprised, but we have helicopters flying around at night too. Some are police and some are from the TV News channel (probably following the police helicopter :) ). Occasionally, there is a rescue helecopter from a hospital.