Thursday, May 04, 2006

Another flower open in my family tree

Hello all,
my father went to
France last week and he will remain there for about one month. I missed him al ready and so is aAya. Aya don't stop asking a bout him and asking about where he is.
When he first leave the house she began to cry and so we told her that he went to the mosque for praying and she saved this information in her mind. And whenever we mention his name she said ( Lalli) and she mend he is praying. I don't know why his pray take this long?? :)
Anyway, It's right that we are only 5 women in the house( My mother, My big sister, Aya, Najma and me) . But today a lovely man joined us. So we will not be scared or something, we have a man in the house.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you our man:
His name is: Ayman
His age: 21 hours
His look: very little white baby with some blond hair and small miserable eyes. He is cute, calm and skinny.

Till last day I didn't believe that there is a baby will come to this life and joined our small family. I don't blame Aya for not expected that after all our tries to make her ready for that and not to feel jalousie.
For me the first time I saw my nephew I said that it's too tiny. He is really too tiny, his face is much smaller than my palm. But for Aya he is a big boy who might steal her mother's heart. When Aya saw him, she said ( Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby....... ) she said those more than 30 times.
When Aye's father told her that Ayman is crying because he is hungry, she rushed to her room where she left her feeding bottle and took it and ran quickly to him and tried to feed him. We gave Aya new toys and told her that the baby gave it to her and that's somehow help.
The first hours after their meeting were UN believable. Whenever Ayman stop crying, Aya began to cry and so on. You can say we had a crying party in the house. But now, Aya feel much better than before. I hope she will love him.
Ok, I didn't sleep well last night so bye
Aunt HNK


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new baby boy. He is lucky to have a family like yours to take care of him.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm sure you love them both very much. They'll have their own blogs one day, and they will tell stories that are just as interesting:)

Libby said...

Wonderful news, hnk. Just watch how quickly this tiny baby will grow.

David said...

Hnk, I am very happy for your family! :) Your story of Aya trying to bring her food for Ayman is wonderful and made me smile. I think that she will love her baby brother very much! Thanks for sharing your happiness with us. :)

Dr.Human said...

salam Hnk,
your subject is too nice,I hope to see a photo of Aya and Ayman .!!

Jack B. said...

Congrats on being an aunt again, HNK. I'm sure you will be as good an aunt to Ayman as you are to Aya.

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Anonymous said...

please HNK dont be so optimistic and hope the future will be better by the will of Allah.

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