Monday, May 30, 2005

Hi and welcome,

I had a head ache now, I was playing with Daliah in the messenger word racer. I won and won and won then she began to win and I began to be a loser and I told her she should lose the game because I am bigger than her but she didn't listen to me and continue winning so I stop the game and go. She said she had to go because she didn't wash the dishes yet. Then I starting telling her how much work I did today I wash the dishes and clean the ground and make salad and prepare the food and fruit ......els
I work hard today by myself mam didn't ask me to clean the house but there was no electricity and I don't have anything else to do.

I began reading a Book, it's name "My life" By Ahmad Amin Who rose to leading role in Egypt's cultural life, is well know by his works tracing the story of Islam, from what he called is Dawn to height noon
that what the middle East journal Vol.9,no.1,London 1955 wrote about him
and the book "hayati" "my life"is the distringuished Cairo scholar and educator, is impressive in it's simplicity and sincerity.

I began read this book from two days and it look like I will finish it today. I found something useful spending my time on it.
Aya was here tomorrow tried to let her sleep and she was like a princes not wanted that, and I was like an evil servant who want her to sleep if she wanted that or not.she sleep and continue sleeping most of the times then me and Najma decided to wake her, we wanted to see her. After that she wake and she was so quite and good manners too.Oh oh Aya I didn't live baby as much as I loved her.

I need to nap now, I know I don't talk a lot but I will continue this post later