Saturday, May 28, 2005

Days come.. Days go

After say hello and hi, and asking about your health and news. I will start write my post.

Yesterday we went out of home for the first time in this week.
We visit my uncle who we didn't see him from about month .After that we went to bought the dinner, we went to three shops all of them were closed. At the end we bought (لحم بعجين) it's something like pizza but it's not pizza and we get back home at 8 o'clock in the evening CAN YOU BELIEVE That this is the first time we did that, there were a little number of cars which were in the street.

Talking about electricity, last post I didn't told you that in sadam's time we didn't have electricity too. Baghdad only was having electricity 24/24 hours but that's change after the war. All the cities became equal and all the cities have No electricity most of the day.

When I was a little girl I asked my mother is there any country has electricity all the day? I couldn't imagine that! How could they have electricity all the time while we have it only 4-7 hours? And many days we didn't have electricity at all. Sometimes when I remember that and remember the thought which came to my mind when I was a kid I feel sorry about my self.

Today I saw in the TV one program called (yallah shabab) they were in us in one of the university in California, they asked the people there about the Iraqi war and what they think about Islam and did they want to learn Arabic? One of the girls there answered really nice, she said "I don't like sending our sons to Iraq to fight your sons and daughters ". The point is this war is between our governments and not between the peoples so we shouldn't hate every gather. At ends we are all from Adam.
So I want to say: I don't hate you us people.

David (my friend) posts nice pictures he took them when he went to the Zoo. I write him a letter told him I didn't go to the Zoo before. Then he replies he didn't go to the zoo till age of 25 and said you have 10 years to visit it. BUT you don't see my friend!! Iraq didn't have a zoo. It have some small place, people put a small cartoon at it and write the zoo. people who visit it said this zoo have only a dogs, cats,hourse,donky, bears, Camels and other animals which we saw them in our ways going to the school and to the work. (What an arrange country that I live in!!!!!)

Yesterday we bought a milk powder, it costs 1350 dinar, while before it was only 350 dinar, may be the salaries increment after the war but beside that the stuffs became cost more that it was. I know 1350 dinar is cheap but 350 are cheaper.

Before the war If anyone wanted ice cream and it was 12 o'clock at the night, The only thing we did is to go and ride the car and bought ice cream. Every Friday We went out of home and having our dinner outside and every Thursday we meet all my aunt and uncle and We were called this day "the meeting day" The weddings party was starting at night while now there is two option: not do the wedding party or do it between 4 and 7 at least.
Some times I just want to be a kid again and live that days before the war became, but it's just a dream. But I hope I will live and spent times nicer and beautiful than these days.