Thursday, May 26, 2005

Days of my holiday

Salaam all,

I am ok. And I am getting better because of the nice people who stand with me.
this is the the first time, I open my E-mail and found there are 7 new messages. Most of the day before, when I opened the inbox I didn't get any new messages so zero new messages was the only word I could read.

you know I am in the holiday now, other student who didn't get E3faa finish their examination today. I am spending the holiday on the internet. One day for me (my turn) and one day for Najma. On najma's turn in the computer Aya usually comes to our house,so I didn't feel on time pass. Most of days when Aya came I wake at 8 o'clock in the morning and tried to make her sleep and she is always did that before 9 o'clock. And she will wake up after 1 or 2 hours. At that time I go to the kitchen and boiled egg for her as her break fast, after that the fun times will begin. I try to make her have fun as possible We play some game which called here بح دي ( I should hide behind something and after a seconds I appear) maybe you think it silly but to Aya it's not. And it's really a popular game for children in Mosul. She also like to sit in her swing till she began to feel fatigue.

I also spend the time on television I watch : Gilmore Girls, Popular, friends, According to Jim,crubs, Frasier, 8 Simple Rules I like all of them.
I also spend time learning English as I said before. I had a programs which called Al-kafy and I began working at it and we will see.

Our telephone is not work from 4 week or more than that( so if you called me and no body answered, this is the reason) "kidding".the telephone, Half year it's work and the other it's not. And the electricity worse. We had a neighbor generators, and neighborhood generators, and the Electricity and sometimes we found our selves in the dark and heat. I am not talking about the time between 12 the morning and 12 at the night I am talking about the between them. Because the time between 12 at morning and 12 at night is 90% have no electricity.

God know what will happened in the next month, we are in May and feeling hot like this so what will happened in June and July. Note July have the most hot weather in Iraq.
that's all what I have today.