Monday, May 09, 2005

I am an Iraqi girl

Yeahooooooooooooo, now I can say I am an Iraqi girl. I get my Iraqi citizenship before 3 days.
I also went with my father to the shop and bought my present, He bought me a CD, DVD, and cassette player (portable CD MP3 VCD mini component).
Najma helped me to find some songs from the Internet and copied them to a CD, and I looked at the cassette that we have them in home. I found many om-kalthoom's songs, Fayrouze's songs,Abdel7aleem's songs and other singer that every body know them.

I am busy these days with Aya and home work. Najma began her studies :( So she can't spend time with us like before. Yesterday I was alone in the house and I heard a sound of bullets I ran quickly to the window to see if the road closed or not and I found it open. After some minutes Najma's came, she looked bale and she told me that she was too close from the bullets and she saw a man hold a gun pointed it into the policemen, and Najma's friend began to cry when the bullets broke up near from them.
Well, every family in Iraq spend times like this every day. This is what should we pay to America because it gives us the freedom that we need (Note: freedom means do what you want, even it's wrong and should not do. You are free, kill what you want. Steal anybody you want and anything you like) the only think that I studied it in history and discovered that it's right, that he freedom should be something useful. Serve the one AND the community.